Volume Lashes/Longmi Lashes $325
Lash Extensions $250
Mink Lashes $365
Lash Refills $75-$135
Diva Lashes $45
Strip $25
Lash Lift $125
Lash Removal $45
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Lash Pre and Post Care

  • DO arrive with clean lids and lashes , no makeup or mascara
  • DO NOT use waterproof mascara or mascaras that are not formulated for extensions
  • DO NOT use oil based cleansers or makeup removers
  • DO NOT use water or steam for the first 24 hours
  • DO NOT rub, tug or pull on the extensions
  • DO keep your lashes and lids clean

‘CLASSIC’ eyelash extensions vs ‘VOLUME’ extensions


During a classic set of extensions, one lash extension is applied to each natural lash. With volume extensions we can add 2 to 6 extensions to your natural lash. The volume takes longer in application because the lashes are actually made by the lash artist creating a V-SHAPE. This is an ideal situation for clients who need to fill in gaps, have fewer eyelashes or just want a more glamorous lash line. Volume lashes are very light weight and soft. They actually may feel lighter and fluffier than the regular classic lashes. Volume lashes are a bit pricier due to the fact that many more lashes are being applied and this Russian technique is more time consuming, tedious and requires extensive training.


As long as you get your extensions done by a respectable, trained and certified lash artist, using only the best medical grade adhesives and adhering to strict quality-control standards, you will enjoy waking up to beautiful lashes for years to come. A complimentary consultation is recommended before you begin any lash treatment. Our lashes come in various sizes, lengths, thickness and curl. Besides our most popular black, we also offer: brown, colored, sparkly, and even an Ombre lash.


All of our lashes are customized.
Because our Lash artists have been certified by various lash companies, we can offer a variety of lash extensions and adhesives. We are proud to say “we only carry the best of the best! ”


Full set (1.5-2 hr) $250 | Refills ( up to 1hr)

2 weeks   $65

3 weeks   $85

4 weeks  $105


Full set (2-4 hr) $325 | Refills (1.5 hr)

2 weeks   $80

3 weeks   $100

4 weeks   $120

Please feel free to call and speak to a lash specialist if you have any questions or concerns.

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